R2 Folk Awards

It was with great pleasure I watched the 10 Mewn Bws gang perform at the Radio 2 Folk Awards last month, held in Cardiff. They were able to honour the life of Meredydd Evans who sadly passed away in February, without whose knowledge and passion our journey into Welsh folk music would have been lacking a vital source and fire. Well done #10MewnBws!!! Here is a lovely photo of us all taken at the Eisteddfod in 2013, alongside his lovely wife Phyllis and fellow musicologist Roy Sauer:


It was a fantastic night also for fellow Welsh (super)-group 9Bach, who won the Album of the Year for their work Tincian. I hope that we can all perform there again! Exciting times, and brilliant to see such a range of folk performers from all over UK and beyond.

You can read a great article about the night here:



Pleidleisiwch Drosom Ni – Please Vote for Us! #10MewnBws


10 Mewn Bws have been nominated for the National Lottery Awards for Good Causes, which is searching the UK to find out our favourite lottery funded projects. GO 10 ON A BUS!!!!!!

As a finalist in the Arts category, winning would give us the chance to continue the project – more gigs, more spreading of the Welsh folk tradition, more happy faces listening to our music! It would be tremendous for everyone involved.

Please do vote and follow this link to do so. DIOLCH!!!!!!!!


Taith 10 Mewn Bws Tour

So next week our ‘folk bus’ hits the road once more, as we wind our way from North to South Wales, this time finally gigging our new material! We will be peddling our beautiful CD and playing at some fantastic venues, finishing off at the Swn festival in Cardiff. Do come, listen, have a chat, have a drink. We will be playing at:

Thurs 17th Oct – Y Galeri, Caernarfon

Fri 18th Oct – National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

Sat 19th Oct – Llangammarch

Sun 20th Oct – Chapter, Cardiff

Dwi’n Mynd i’r Bws

Last week saw the beginning of ’10 Mewn Bws’ – what an incredible week!  And how can anyone describe everything we heard, and saw and took part in??!  I cannot.  And neither am I going to try.  Ideas and strands will all be revealed in a magnificent jumble when we get together very soon for our creative week of music writing and playing.  Personally it threw out many interesting questions about my personal music tastes and beliefs.  But one thing I can say for certain, hand on heart, is that we now know how to stand in height order.  Yes that’s right!!

10 Mewn Bws



DING DING!!  Im about to venture on a bus that will journey through Wales on a magical voyage of Welsh musical discovery!! Through Wales’ folk development agency Trac, myself and nine other musicians from different backgrounds are hoping to ‘reinterpret and demystify traditional Welsh folk music’.  Read the full timetable here!