On the Move

Over the past few weeks I have been on the move. Paper Cinema played at Flatpack Festival Birmingham and had a brilliant time, then caught the train to Brussels and headed to Theatre 140. We were nothing short of STAGGERED to learn that some incredible acts have played there over the past few decades – time to get the Clang Claxon out – Serge Gainsbourg, BB King, Pina Bausch, Thelonious Monk, Nico, Sun Ra, Pink Floyd…..Brussels was an incredible city too and as a new visitor, I’m really desperate to go back already. However I was most sad to finish my work with the ‘Old Crew’ (cue many tears and surreptitious planting of small presents around the stage), but equally invigorated to be part of the new touring team. The music department also had a day out at The Musical Instrument Museum there, which was phenomenal! Absolutely every instrument under the sun, with sounds, and even an old Welsh instrument, a crwth! (can you spot him in the photos below?)

After Brussels I took part in a fascinating course called Field Studies, led by Joseph Kohlmaier http://www.field-studies.org. Highlights for me were singing Moondog rounds with Melanie Pappenheim and the rest of my group, and meeting some incredibly interesting and like-minded classically trained musicians who are now doing their own thing. Hurrah for that!

Return to Wales was completed with a brief sojourn at The Straw Kitchen, Whichford https://twitter.com/TheStrawKitchen. You must visit if you can. Incredible food, people, place, ethics, and a piano you can play. All one can want!


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